I provide tutoring and small group classes in the GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and SAT.  I live in the Boston area, so am able to provide face-to-face tutoring locally.  I am also able to do skype/phone tutoring for those who would like to work with me but are not local.  If you’d like to sign up for one of my services or have further questions, please contact me at testsmashers <at> gmail <dot> com.

Basic Rate

My basic rate is $200/hr.  I am happy to do as much or as little work with you at that rate as you want.  Need just an hour to have someone teach you the basics of LSAT games or GMAT data sufficiency?  This is a great way to do it.

Bulk Rates

For those of you who know up front that you want more time with me, I give discounts for advanced purchase of blocks of time.  You get 10% off if you purchase 10 hours of tutoring upfront, and you lock in the discount if you decide to purchase additional hours (i.e. my rate for you will always be $180/hr).  You get a 20% discount if you purchase 20 hours of tutoring and lock in that discount for all future additional hours.

Small Groups

If you want to study with a friend (a great idea!), you can save money and get peer support.  What could be better?  My small group rates are:

  • $250/hr for two people (that’s $125/hr/person)
  • $330/hr for three people (that’s $110/hr/person)
  • $400/hr for four people (that’s $100/hr/person)

The same discounts apply for block purchases for small groups as it does for individuals.  (Note that if you purchase lots of time in advance and there is one session that one of your group can’t make, that’s too bad, it will still cost you your group rate — no refunds.)

“Just Get Me Started!” Package

Cost: $400

If you are just starting out on your TestSmashing journey and mostly want to go it alone (or don’t want to commit just yet to a particular test prep path), this is the perfect starter package:

  • Study materials in your test field, sufficient for most test-takers
  • A baseline test for you to self-administer
  • A careful analysis of the baseline test results by me
  • A session to review the results, set up a study strategy and schedule, discuss the basic principles of LSAT/GMAT/GRE success
  • One hour tutoring session after you have started studying to answer questions, redirect, etc., once you have gotten your feet wet
  • 5% discount on any additional tutoring sessions, and a 2 hour credit towards locking in even bigger discounts if you buy packages of hours in advance: you lock in the 10% discount if you purchase 8 additional hours, and the 20% discount if you purchase 18 additional hours.

“Low Score Recovery” Pre-prep Package

Cost: $350. This is for my time for the 4 phone sessions. I’ll provide all of the self-study materials for free.

This package addresses the issues I discuss in this post.  This is not test prep! It is prep-for-test-prep, and it will require your active participation and willingness to make some changes.  I offer:

  • 4 phone sessions: before you start and after each week for ~30 minutes to analyze your particular needs, answer questions, and empower you to conquer your test and reach your dreams
  • Daily self-study exercises for three weeks to help you turn around your test taking experience



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